Save our souls from all our dreams come true...

Today I have so far slept in until 11, determined that I'm a hippie, eaten a ton of grapes and some pork and ham, and sat mindlessly at the computer doing absolutely nothing. So, I've basically haven't done anything productive yet. Except maybe the hippie bit. That could potentially be productive.

I'm listening to Yellowcard, according to Zach. I like it. It's got a neat sound. Violins. Yep. Violins rock. So do cellos, and I am determined to learn how to play one someday. I should add that to my list of things to do before I die, so I don't forget to do it. To forget something like that would be quite a shame, and we like to avoid shame.

On Wednesday I leave for California. Then we get back on the next Wednesday. I'm too distracted to be excited at the moment, but I'm positive that it will set in eventually. It will be neat to meet people that I've talked to and stuff.



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