She's a drama queen, if you know what I mean...

Sophie got the Family Force 5 CD while she was at Lifest, and that makes me happy. I like them a lot.

Yesterday I got a new hair straightener and these weird health food chip cracker things that Liz said were amazing. They were actually pretty good.

I am drinking a FuFu Berry Jones. Yum!

I think I'm going to go visit the amazing magical kingdom of Harmbadison today. Actually, I think I'm going to do that right now.



  1. I don't know that I want you to venture to Harmbadison by yourself. I think you need people with muscles to protect you just in case there are strange forest dwellers.

    This is my first post. And last. I harrass you enough in life.

    Did I spell that right? [/angst]

    I love you, Mara. I had to say that since this is my first post. And last.

    I love you, Mara. I LOVE YOUUU, MARA. I LOVE YOUUUUUUU! [/Buddy the Elf]

  2. Mara, listen to your mom. Don't go wandering around Harmbadison without a bodyguard. It can get rough down there. I heard on the news last week that someone was shot down there! Seriously, I'm not even lying. I don't lie.

    I just got back from that basketball camp and chris told me that while i was gone she out Gabe and your blogs.

    Kacy Bass

    When you get back from Cally we are going to have a stupids party. Stupids!!!!