Sing with your head up...

The girl who fell from the Air Glory ride at Lifest died last night. She fell around 4:45, they stopped all the music and stuff, held a prayer service at around 7:30, resumed concerts, and then announced her death around 9:30, based on what I've read. If you look it up on Google News there are already several stories on it. It's very sad. Please pray for her family and for the witnesses and for the festival directors and anyone else you think of. Thanks.

Church was fine, sunday school was fine. I'm going to go ride horses with Sierra this afternoon, and I think my family is going to the pool. Tonight is Overflow. That'll be weird, since Gabe won't be there. It'll be weird with him being gone for six weeks. That's a long time. I like having immediate access to their family.

Ten days until California!

This blog sort of just jumped from sad to random to happy to nothing. I'm weird.

Sing with your head up
With your eyes closed
Not because you love the song
But because you love to sing

I love to sing.


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