Have faith that when you call my name I'll be there...

I like that line. I can't believe I've never used it. I don't think I have at least.

I have been really insecure lately, and I have absolutely no idea why. It doesn't help in the least that I'm aware of it. Then I'm just insecure about my insecurities. And then I whine, and then I'm insecure about whining. Ugh. This is so dumb.

Okay, the whole world needs to pray and pray and pray that I can get contact lenses before the California trip, because they're out of stock and I need some really, really badly, and there is no way that I'm going in my glasses. I really don't like my glasses.

I am having a ridiculously difficult time getting the tangles out of my hair. It's rather amusing, actually. Even though it hurts my head sorta'.

I suck at trampolines and volleyball. I should just sing all the time and then I never have to do things I'm bad at. I will just sing forever and ever and ever. And never stop. Ever. I think that's a good plan.

I have an importantish question to ask someone and I'm sort of scared to do it, but sort of not at the same time, and it's a weird feeling. The question isn't even a really big deal, but I'm thinking too hard about it, and that makes it feel like a bigger deal than it needs to be.

Sometimes there are songs I write that I just really don't like explaining. That was random. Sort of.

Wow, I feel annoying today.

Mara who doesn't feel very butterflyish


  1. It wasn't really that random.

  2. You should go ahead and ask whoever it is the question then you won't have to worry about it anymore.