...burning down Neverland, scatter the ashes...

I want to write a song. I have that itch that you get every once in a while to write. It's Anberlin's fault, I think. And Ben's fault, too. But he won't mind, because he whines about how I don't write often enough. Yes.

Today a nice person asked me like, four or five times if I'd rather sit in their spot on the couch than on the floor, and it was funny, and I kept saying no. Eventually there were empty spots, so the person told me to sit down, and I did, because the person kept asking, and I wasn't depriving someone else of a seat. It was sweet. I don't really know why I'm blogging about this, but I feel like writing it down and I like to tell stories, whether they're dumb or not.

Well, I'm going to bed now.



  1. I'm trying to write two songs, or rather finish them satisfactorily, and write a third. Ha, Ha, Ha, Bureaucratic Losers! is going to need some major finishing touches/revision, and I'm still trying to revise Binary Wasteland and then I have untitled song I'm trying to finish, but I also am feeling like I should be writing awesome stuff, but I can't move my brain fast enough.

    See, in California, I will be that person. Or, I tend to be that person. I'm sure it gets dreadfully annoying for my friends and acquaintances. I like it when you blog about such things, and will probably never fail to comment on it, unless I already have viz. if you post this in your CGR blog, I'll probably coldly ignore it.

    Ps. The first three letters of the word verification are "ESR" *wins*

  2. I am trying to write a song too, and it is slow going-actually some of my inspiration is coming from some rather interesting places-Anyways make sure to share whatever you bring out of your noggin.

    lol people like that are a dear as long as they don't get too mother hen like.