Is this the end of everything we know?

I'm about ready to kill someone, but we're not going to say anything more about it in such a public place. Because. Then he might see it. And that would be bad.

I like Stellar Kart. They make me laugh. I also like Hawk Nelson, but they're probably stupider than Stellar Kart, and they're definitely worse lyrically, which is saying a lot.

You can listen to Anberlin's entire new album on their MySpace. That is the coolest thing ever. I definitely like it a lot. I want to be just like Anberlin when I grow up.

I should figure out the set list for the show tonight.

Rainy Day (E/C#m)
Angel (E)
Jessica (A/F#m)
Grace Like Rain (A/F#m)
Characterization (C/Am)
Minor Chords (E/C#m)
Thunder (G/Em)

That works I suppose.

I need to take a shower and paint my fingernails and figure out what to wear and get my equipment figured out. I'm really stressing out about this show. I think we should have counted ourselves out over a month ago when it wasn't working out to begin with. The plans for this show have never gone smoothly, not that any of the shows ever do, but this one's been worse than the others, I think. Gosh. I'm freaking out. On top of that everyone's been sick. Josh had pneumonia and Ben's not feeling well and Andrew's going to be wiped out and I'm tired, too.


Okay. Sorry.

I need to go distract myself before I get really ticked off.



  1. I'd tell you that you shouldn't stress, but that wouldn't be helpful, huh? Besides some stress is good.

    Just do your best and the whole part of being a band is moving up from performances and getting better, or making worse better...and doing as best you can in a yucky situation. That kind of sucks that you guys are feeling so icky though, that must be a drain. I pray it goes better then anticipated and that there are no dead bodies. *solemn*

  2. I'm sorry. I'm praying for your band/the person you want to kill.

    That is the coolest thing ever, although I want to be like Anberlin, now, and be better than them when I grow up.

    Oh, that's a nice set list, although there isn't much variety in keys.

    Like I said, I'm praying. *hug*