...At least you're still my day late friend...

Well. I feel a little better. I need to get to school though. I'm tired. Carter and Owen are coming over, so that will be fun, and probably will put me in a better mood.

I figured out what the party was that Emily and I didn't get invited to. It was mostly just Andy being confused.

My fingernails are painted in Vanilla Whimsy. I need to fix them a little bit though.

Yesterday I got a scarf at WalMart. It's knitted and black and has big white knitted flowers on it. It's cute. I like it. I also got some earrings, a pair of which I am currently wearing.

Last night Emily and I went to see that new James Bond movie, because the small group we babysit for was canceled. I keep spelling canceled wrong. About the movie, I didn't like it very much, and I don't really know why, but I didn't. Oh well. Oh yes, and I owe Emily five dollars. Don't let me forget.

I have a whole playlist of music I like to dance to. How awesome is that?

Anberlin is taking over my big green head.



  1. Good, good.

    Oh? Well, that's better than someone else being cruel.

    Ooh, I like scarves, but have yet to find one that fits my style and person. I'm sure I will, though.

    I'm not in the market for earrings, but I'm sure they're lovely (are they?).

    Oh? Did you enjoy it. Canceled is an odd word, and I should know. *chuckle*

    Ahem. You owe Emily five dollars.

    That is very awesome. I am envious.

    Yeah, well. I have more Anberlin to take over my green head, so there.

    Hey. You owe Emily five dollars.

  2. You owe Emily 5 dollars. -Or did.

    You know you never shared a picture of what you were knitting...*cough*