I shall never grow up, make believe is much to fun

Eisley is quite nice. They make me want hot chocolate. I should make some.

I need to find a book to read. I decided to read more. I might finally read Screwtape, because I need to, and I'm tired of starting it and not getting through it. I'd also like to read The Case For Faith, since it's there, and I liked what we went through in Sunday School. Or maybe Wodehouse, since that would make Hans happy.

Last night I went to Andy's basketball game. he fouled out in the last quarter, and he fell, and hurt his elbow really badly. Like. Really badly. I've never seen him look like he was in that much pain before. And he's pretty tough. One time at youth group he hurt his wrist and said he just had to walk it off, and the next day went to the chiropractor and found out that the sprain was just shy of a break. So it was kind of scary to see him get hurt, but he's okay, and so far hasn't gone to the doctor, but Andrew said he was still in a lot of pain when he went home. I wonder if he dislocated it. I don't know anything about that stuff, but he was pretty badly hurt. Oh well. He'll be okay. I'll check on him when I see him tomorrow.

School was pretty okay today. I had a headache, and still kind of do, but that's alright. It happens. The style show was today. The style show is basically a little fashion show that some of the girls put on. They all modeled prom dresses. I watched a minute or two of it, but it was really kind of lame, and you couldn't even see the dresses because all the good seats were gone. Then we played a game in Algebra that I'm supposed to play with Mom, but she isn't home at the moment. It's got something to do with binary and stuff. It's kind of cool and interesting. Yeah, so that's my day today.

Now I'm going to watch Homestar Runner.



  1. I want hot chocolate too, but I am a man of few words and much action, so I'm already heating up water. Not that I actually am a man of few words.

    I am in the middle of three books at the moment, Jane Eyre, Gulliver's Travels and Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit.

    I hope I can finally finish Jane Eyre after several years of trying.

    Speaking of which, my dear, only read Wodehouse if it would make you happy. If you would rather not, by all means, find something you would rather read. *grin*

    Oh, sports injuries are always at their most terrible when they happen to those you love.

    A lingering, nasty headache? Ugh. At least you have a good attitude about it.

    Hurrah for lame prom-dress fashion shows where you can't even get a seat from which to view the lameness! YEAH!

    I like that last bit, the part about H R.

  2. As opposed to never growing up, I would be more inclined to think that you've resolved to never update. Go figure. *grin*

  3. Read Screwtape! OR not. Do you want to read something light and fluffy or a little more learned?

    Homestar Runner is nice.

    I almost posted in your CGR blog until I saw you copy and paste.. *gasp* Which made me run back here and think I should post here because of you being so naughty. ;D

    I alerbra game???? That doesn't sound that fun... I hope I am wrong.

    I have to go or else I would say more, just be a good girl and stay out of trouble and make sure to be safe and wear a coat when you go outside, and don't stick your feet in sh oes too small, and don't wear too much make up or flirt obscenely and stuff like that...okay bye bye now ..hone..Mara. :)