All the boys in the band won a Valentine

I'm waiting for my band to come. We need to practice. I think Ben is picking me up an XLR cable because mine broke and we need one.

So, this is the new blog. It's all under construction and whatnot, so if you see stuff that says "insert text here" that's because it's not done and I need to finish inserting text there. I didn't design it so don't ask. I stole it from the interwebz0rz. But it's cute and I like it.

I need to go print the newish song thing from Muse. I think I'm going to play it for the half of the band that's coming. Josh is sick so he misses out, I guess.

Tonight I'm volunteering for Family Fun Night at the school. So it a majority of my youth group. It'll be fun, hopefully. We get free food, if nothing else.

I should go wait for my band now.


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  1. I'm still disappointed that the "pull" thing doesn't do anything. And now I've got that song stuck in my head. Thanks, Maraface.