Do you hear the sound of melodies rising up to you?

NO SCHOOL!!!!! *score*

So. Yeah. I suppose that's it. *laugh*

Iowa is very pretty today. It's also very canceled.

I'm listening to Leeland! I like them a lot.

I miss school now.

I'm talking to Emily on MSN. That makes me happy. Em is awesome. We keep pushing the *nudge* button because it makes us laugh. She and I got not invited to a party last night apparently. We feel left out. But that's alright, because apparently it was a family thing or something. I don't really know what that means, but it doesn't really matter, because I probably wouldn't have gone even if I had been invited. *shrug*

Well. I don't have anything else to say.


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  1. Ah. Wow.

    Yes, I know how that is, except when Ohio is cancelled, it's generally far too overcast to be pretty.

    I haven't heard them enough to know.

    Oh, dear. I would feel left out, too. I suppose if you think it's alright, I shan't protest. *grin*

    Are you sure?