These days are all numbered, but things could get better

*laughing* Hans, you rock.

School was good and stuff. Tonight I have to babysit and then I have to go to rehearsal for worship on Sunday. The youth is doing it again, so it should be really fun. I really, really want some caffeine. *dies*

I'm starting a separate blog for writing songs and such. I'm excited about it. More on that soon.


What color should I paint my fingernails?

I need to take pictures of my guitar before I forget again.


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  1. Thank you, so do you.

    Good, good. I have rehearsal tomorrow for the play. Except I'm not playing my part, I'm subbing in for the lead, who is presently in Bolivia.

    Caffeine is good, but I read an alarming article in the newspaper about how many teenagers use it as a cheap, legal drug, to get a buzz. It worried me.

    Your fingernails? Hmm. Purple would be nice, I think.

    You do.