Where I hung my coat, that's where I left my head

Goodmorning! I am sleepy and I can't find the shoes I want and stuff but I'm awake which is a good start to the morning. Last night Zach and I put a movie in and I fell asleep. Which I told him I was going to. And I tried reallyreally hard not to. But you know, that's how it goes. Or something like that. Anyway, church is today so I'm getting ready sort of.

Yesterday I bought some hot pink guitar strings. They are amazing. Seriously. I'm going to put them on my electric guitar so it can be more awesome and cool. And I will take a picture so all can see.

There is monkey bread upstairs. I want some.

I think that's about all the exciting stuff.


1 comment:

  1. The most important question, then, is where you left your coat.

    Church and getting ready go hand in hand like an old married couple.

    Your slumber last evening gave me the opportunity to talk to Zach, one which I'm fairly certain will never come again.

    Oh, my heavens. That's incredible.

    But what if they sound awful?

    Mmm, that's rather a bit of exciting stuff, as exciting stuff goes.