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Ooooh, a blog post!

So. Life is going on and such. I posted a random picture of me and Ben and Andrew, just for the sake of posting a picture. I like this picture.

The O's are still here. We're having fun. Hanging out and stuff. We went to see Flushed Away this afternoon. It was kind of stupid, quite honestly. I thought it was rather weird, but I have to say it had it's funny moments. Nothing terribly amusing, but it still made me giggle a little bit. All the same, I would probably have preferred to skip the movie and babysit like I was supposed to and make some dollars. That would have made me happier.

I need to repaint my fingernails, because the paint is coming off of them and they look silly and I keep biting them which is bad. If I paint them all of that will greatly improve, which is good. We like good things more than bad ones. Makes sense to me, at least.

There will be no band practice tomorrow. Andrew and Josh aren't going to be able to make it, and there's not a lot of point in just Ben and I getting together, so we're just not going to meet this week. Maybe Saturday or something. We need to practice a couple times before the 17th, or we'll be crappy and that would be sad and not very professional or polished and then we would look bad next to all the other bands. Not that I care that much about being professional or polished. The bummer is that Andrew might not be able to play, which would suck, because it always does when the whole band isn't together.

Sophie is attempting to play Funky Town on the keyboard.

I'm going to go see if we're going to watch Bananas or not, and if we aren't I'm going to watch Step Up, because I borrowed it from Sierra and I would like to see it.

I like God. He makes me really, really, really happy.


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  1. Random?

    Hurrah for having fun with friends.

    It also makes sense to me.

    Not practicing is terrible, I hope my band manages to finally practice this week. *sigh*