Careful now, you'll hurt someone else

I have this feeling that there will be a lot more Copeland blog titles in the future.

Sorry for the slackingness. Life has been busy.

Saturday is homecoming! *excited*

My hair rocks.

I'm home!

My fingernails are beginning to be painted black. To match my dress for homecoming. Yesyes. Andy is going to accuse me of being gothic, but that's normal, so it should be all good and stuff.

I adore Copeland. And music in general.

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world... yep. It's true.

She'd lie on her bed
And stare in to harsh white light
And think that her heart's not right

I like those lines. They make me smile a kind of melancholy smile.

Adri needs to go to Subway and order a BMT on Italian bread with provolone, toasted, with lettuce, onions, and tomato. This is what I always get. Best.Sandwhich.Ever.

Well. I think that's it, unless you'd like me to cheat and paste my CGR blog on to this one.



  1. Love Affair = incredible song.

    I always get a Subway club on wheat, with everything except jalapeƱos. It's pretty awesome.
    Actually... I am really hungry right now, and that sandwich sounds really freaking good.

  2. So a BMT, on Italian Bread...provolone,toasted..lettuce,onions and tomatoes.... [writes down] Alrighty. I shall go try it!

    So American people spell sandwich sandwhich? [/important question ;)]

    Love affair= Hugs all around.

    I want pictures!!!!! I want to see your dress.

  3. That's because Aaron Marsh is a genius.

    Homecoming is exciting, dagnabbit!

    Something is wrong if you're staring into harsh white light. [/irreverent]

    You're home!