Let him know that you know best because after all you do know best

It's probably horribly tacky to use two lines from the same song as back-to-back blog titles, but it's my blog, and I can do what I want, so we're going to go with it because I'm listening to the song again and I can do that if I want to. SO THERE.

I need a parent to wake up so they can take me to school in fifteen minutes. Because if I don't get to school bad things will happen. Or something. I was kind of hoping it would snow bunches last night so I wouldn't have to go to school today, but it didn't. And we can't have a snow day tomorrow because it's Thursday tomorrow. But Friday it can. I would like a snow day on Friday.

Zach comes tomorrow!

Now I'm listening to other The Fray songs, just so that I don't die of a How To Save A Life overdose. That would be rather ironic, actually. Heh.

What defines a good song? What kinds of songs are the general public drawn to? What is it about a melody or a lyric that makes people want to hear it over and over again?

I'm going to go finish getting ready for school now.



  1. You roiling pot of impropriety.

    Thursday is a miraculous day. I believe I've already said that, but it bears repeating.

    It would be ironic, and horrible, but probably ironic enough that I would have to laugh at it, at your funeral.

    I've often wondered that myself. I think it often has a lot to do with the aesthetic qualities of the piece--how well are the lyrics written, is it something they haven't heard a billion times previously etc. Melodies have to be interesting enough to hold our attention, and the whole thing should probably connect with us on a sort of emotional level.

    According to a study I read about the general public is drawn to songs it thinks other people are listening to.

    And of course, popularity doesn't make something good.

    I don't know. I've been wondering about it for awhile myself. It's an odd question, because I know some bands are terrible, and others great, but I can't place my finger on what it is that is different.

    But there is a difference.

    There's actually a long discussion about this in my blog, and a side-discussion in Skeeter's. Someplace.

  2. HOW TO SAVE A LIFE. I <3 that song. Really. I want to hear a recording of TFP playing it. How high do you have to capo it in order to sing the first part of the verses (or are you cheating and going up an octave)?
    It would take me a really long time to ramble about what makes a song pleasing. For me, sometimes I'll like a song that isn't that great musically because the lyrics are awesome. And sometimes I'll fall in love with a song with crappy lyrics because musically, it's amazing.

  3. Any song that shows or makes you feel emotion.?? I don't know what they heck about it either. Though most of the songs I like are because they make me feel something.