I think I'm safer on an airplane

Hi people. Today was good. Tomorrow will be weird. But good, at least for the evening part of things. I have to finish packing. And go to school tomorrow. And set up the sound system in the afternoon. And yeah. Probably more stuff.

Well. That was short and to the point, I guess.



  1. At least you clarified. ;)

    Were someone to ask me to describe you with a cliche, you would be short and to the point. With a large dose of charming, but still.

  2. Hi Mara.

    Well..she told us things she is going to do, and that her days are good. (Why I have no idea.) Forgive my simpleton of a mind, because I only know that she was going to school today. [/frankenstein]

    Mara, IS short and to the point! Hans you are brilliant.