Christmas time is here...

Today is a pretty okay day. I am tired, but I am still happy because for starters, I have lost 7 pounds, putting me almost halfway to my rather small weight loss goal. I am doing better at counting my calories and I've worked out semi-consistently so far. I'm also happy because Family Force 5's Christmas CD came out today. I think I will buy it one of these days for my family and I. I bet it's awesome.

I am going to start my Christmas/birthday list now. I am starting pretty late this year, actually. Here is what I have so far:

  • Girl sized band shirts. You can figure out what bands I like at www.last.fm/users/ellisbelle and looking at my top artists.
  • A nice jacket or two that are comfy and warm but not ugly.
  • Shoes. Size 7.5. Always need more shoes.
  • PHP book, so I can learn to be a nerd.
  • The Enamored Owl laptop skin for a 15.4" laptop. SOFREAKINGCOOL.
  • A Holga camera, and the film adapter that goes with it, and any accessories and whatnot.
I had lots more but I can't remember them now. I will think of them and then add them in another post.

Last night I watched Lost at the Harms and Andrew and Andy. That is always lots of fun. We ate homemade pizza and spoon fudge. It was good times. Lewis talks a ton now, which is hilarious. "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey, hey you! Come chase me!"

My new laptop bag came yesterday. It is pretty cute. It's blue and brown. I love waiting for packages. I am waiting for all my new makeup to come in, which is fun. For some reason I usually end up expecting more than one package at a time, which then makes it kind of sad when they come and then I don't have anything to anticipate.

Time to go home! I should sit down and do a blog that might actually entertain people one of these days. That would probably be good.


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