The closer I come to you, the closer I am to finding God, you're a miracle to me...

Here is the Christmas List so far, with some stuff added to the stuff I already mentioned:
I am sad because I don't think that ModCloth has the dress I love anymore.  Anyway, I will keep adding to the list as I think of more stuff.

Today I am sleepy and bored.  I don't have many days like that.  But I guess that just happens sometimes.  I am excited to go home and wear comfy clothes and relax for awhile.  First I am going to the craft store to get yarn and a crochet hook to make Andrew a new winter hat.  He asked me to make him one, and the one that he has now is all stretched out and messed up.  I am pretty excited to try crocheting a hat because I've never done that before.  It is a pretty plain hat so it shouldn't give me any trouble.  I think after this I will knit the hat I have been meaning to make for myself, and then try to crochet something more complicated.  So yep.  That's the plan.



  1. Helpful, too!

    I have purchased two gifts for you that are not on this list. That is me being not very helpful.

    I am sad that you and Soph and I aren't going to Wicked, Marabelle. *frown*

    Maybe someday.

    It sounds like such a fun evening to get all dressed up and go downtown. And then hit that grilled cheese place. *smile*

    Maybe someday.

    I've said that twice now.


  2. That was an "It's OK" sigh. Not a sad sigh. I was not sad. Although, now I'm sad, but for different reasons. STUPID SPORTS. *laugh*