When I'm with you, my heart is home...

Alex Arthur's new song Breaker is fantastic.  Ben sent it to me a week or so back.  Listen.

My hair is black.  Well, almost black.  Pretty close.  Here is a bad webcam photo so you can have a sneak peek.

I am still thinking about Christmas presents.  I know there are some eyeshadows I want, and some other makeup things.  I could use some belts.  My perfume will probably be close to gone by then, and I've picked a new kind that I want.  There are probably plenty of CDs I want.  Band shirts are good, too.  Yep, there are lots of things.

Today is Ian's birthday.  I got him the Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant CD and gave it to him last night.  He apparently listened to it all morning.  He's a goofball.

I love Underoath.  Someone should get me some Underoath CDs, because I only have They're Only Chasing Safety.  That one is amazing though.  But I definitely need more.  Oh yes.

This is a short blog.  It was written all throughout my work day and it's STILL short.  Maybe I am just bored or something.  Hmm.  That could be.

Mara Tenille


  1. I think your hair looks a LOT different in person. This pic doesn't so it justice at all. *shakes head*

    Ian LOVES his new CD. He has listened to it over and over. *smile*

    It might be more effective for you to put your Christmas list somewhere the people who actually buy your presents can see it. *laugh*

    I wish I could remember some of the things you said in your sleep last night. "Ya know, you could just..." was one of them. You sounded clear as a bell and then you would make noises and wiggle around in the bed. *laugh* I couldn't decide if I should wake you up. I would have if you'd sounded in distress or something, but you didn't.

  2. Bought a Christmas present for you tonight. And it wasn't on the list. HA.