The scene and herd seem to make it all just a little bit worse...

Today I will write lines from Relient K songs. I'm listening to every Relient K CD today, in order.

Walk through the streets of PA and you may see her
Go up to her and say you're a believer
Disgusting crap on MTV, it makes her smile
That guy from Satan's embassy put him on trial

Because Marilyn Manson ate my girlfriend
Satan consumed her mind
And he may do it again
Marilyn Manson ate my girlfriend
She once believed in the truth
Now she believes in sin

Today after work I am going to get some NaNoWriMo supplies. I've decided to try it out, because even if I can't finish I will at least have tried, and there's no harm in that. So I'm going for it. Anyway, so I'm going to get a notebook and a cool pen, and those will be only for writing NaNoWriMo related things. I am going to mainly type my novel, but if I think of something and I want to write it down, I'd better have a sweet pen and a notebook nearby, or else my whole novel might be ruined. That would be not so good.

I think we're going somewhere
We're on to something good here
Out of mind
Out of state
Trying to keep my head on straight

Andrew is getting coffee. He just texted me that. I'm jealous. The thing about Indianola is that it has absolutely nothing worthwhile in it. If you want a latte, you either go without or you go to Des Moines. Well, I guess there are McDonald's lattes now. But seriously, I refuse to lower myself to that level. Actually that isn't true because I did try their mocha once, but I didn't really like it. The espresso tasted cheap and it wasn't sweet enough for me. Ick. So no lattes for me.

It's the principle, it's the issue
That your principal would dismiss you
Because you don't fit into that All-American box
The coffin created for creative thought

Tomorrow night is the concert, and I am SO EXCITED. We are going to have a lot of fun. After the show we're going to get dessert somewhere, which will be fun. We still have to pick somewhere though, so if any Des Moines people know of any restaurants with good dessert near People's Court, definitely let us know.

All this dessert talk is making me hungry.

Well, this is how the story goes
We want everybody to know
We love Skittles and Combos
So bring some to our next show

From our head down to our toes
We love Skittles and Combos
So if you want to see our faces glow
Just bring some to our next show

Deny us Combos
Refuse us Skittles
I admit, those words hurt a little
But we know it'll be okay
If you'll just send some our way

That was a long one. But only because it's a small piece of Relient K greatness. And I am SO HUNGRY. Lunch time is happening now.

Someone please save us, us college kids
What my parents told me is what I did
They said, "Go to school and be a college kid"
But in the end I question why I did

Last night I painted my nails black. Today it is all chipping off. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear or whatever the name is, your nail polish sucks. I can get cheaper nail polish that stays on for longer than 12 hours. So there. IN YOUR FACE.

Relient K is a good band. I'm excited that I finally get to see them live. Maybe we will even get to meet them! That's always fun.

Okay, taking a little break now from Relient K. Rockin' to some Dead Poetic, and then maybe turning on Pandora for awhile.

Some John Reuben, to switch things up:

I'll make the music if you make it look good
I don't dance, but I think that you should
Pillar is on now. I have not listened to Pillar in a very long time. That's so weird. I miss good bands like this. Sometimes I forget good music for a long time, and then suddenly I remember or it pops onto Pandora or something. That is good, that it comes back eventually. The world can't afford to have good bands slipping through the cracks. Now KJ-52 is on. I could take KJ or leave him, frankly. I'm more of a J-Reu gal. Whoa, hey, Trevor McNevan is in this song! That was a shocker. Run for Cover is the song, for the record. Hmm. Interesting. I think I approve of this song. It's definitely got some TFK tinged stuff in it, along with KJ's rappin'. Makes for an interesting mix.

Okay, I am going to stop giving you a play-by-play of what Pandora is pulling up, because I am boring myself, and I can't imagine you, the reader, are feeling too differently.

Tonight I thought I had worship team, but it turns out that I don't. So, that means I am going to bed early. I'm forcing myself. Plus, Andrew made me promise to get to sleep by 10, and I said I would. I need to get over this half-sickness, so some sleep is definitely in order. Before I sleep, however, I think I might see if Mom wants to make some chocolate mug cake and watch a movie or something. I need some chillaxin' time.

Hahaha. Steve just emailed me. Turns out the Info2Go brochures have a square black box on the back where we had thought the printing people were going to but a business card holder. Smooth move on our part. I think we just forgot to tell them to add that over the top of the box. So we have a whole slew of funny looking brochures. Funny stuff.

Back to Relient K.

Rudolf's puking balls of holly
And old Saint Nick ain't all that jolly
The sleigh's in the shop, 'cause it's broken down
But Christmas won't stop
Santa Clause is thumbing to town

I just had to make a phone call for work. Scary. I mean, it wasn't any big deal, but making phone calls isn't really my thing. It freaks me out. I'm always scared that I sound like an idiot.

Unfortunately the new blogger background is throwing a fit, so it might have to wait a while. For now, you get this nice, icky brown. I am sick of that butterfly one. I am really ADD about changing backgrounds to things. My desktop wallpaper changes every couple of weeks, at least. I'm a little weird about stuff like that sometimes.

You said, "I know that this will hurt
But if I don't break your heart, things will just get worse.
If the burden seems to much to bear,
Remember, the end will justify the pain it took to get us there."

Why am I so flibbin' hungry all the time? Good gravy.

Okay. End blog post.


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