I want to break every clock, the hands of time could never move again...

It's an interesting thought, to think of all the moments that go by that we wish we could stop right there and dwell on it awhile, and it's interesting how those moments always seem to go by the quickest. They're the ones we want the most of, and the ones we feel like we get less of. Whether we really do get gypped out of those moments or not I don't think anyone really wants to know. But what if we could stop time? What moments would we stop? If there was one moment in the past that we could go back to and stay at, what moment would it be? If we had a limited amount of moments to stop in a lifetime, which ones would we choose? How long would we stay? Would we ever lose interest or get bored if we stayed in our favorite moments forever?

Is it over now, hey, is it over now...

School starts tomorrow morning. I'm kind of glad, actually. I miss being busy. I miss going places and seeing people and doing things. I miss PhotoShop. I miss my graphing calculator. I miss doodling on my notes when Mrs. Jack is explaining concepts I already understand (that is so annoying, by the way). I miss A lunch. I miss lots of stuff.

Today I recorded two songs. One is a rough draft of a song I wrote a while back called On Adriana's Behalf. If anyone wants to hear it I can email it to you on the condition that you realize my voice was not very warm. Another one was a cover of an Anberlin song. It turned out pretty good in my opinion. I had fun. My condenser mic astounds me with it's amazing soundingness. I love it. The fact that my preamp makes it possible to even use my condenser mic definitely makes it my favorite piece of equipment. If our house caught on fire I would totally go after it.

Impact was a good TFP show. I had a blast. Gabe did well. The crowd seemed more into it than I had expected, which was nice. I introduced my llama. I'd post a picture but I haven't uploaded them yet. Actually, let me see if Mom has the camera nearby and I'll just upload them now. (...) Okay, uploading...

While that's happening, I'll blog more I guess.

Today I got three packages in the mail. It was glorious. I adore packages. I got a present from Hans which was spiffy (Deas Vail's CD and the necessary post-it notes ot accompany it), the devotional I ordered forever ago (it's neat. It's from Voice of the Martyrs, which is always cool) and my last birthday present (Peter Pan on DVD). It was very exciting. I like them all. I am definitely a happy camper.

I have so many new CDs to divide my attention between. Goodness. I got a lot of new music this year, and I don't know where to start listening. I've been really into Lost Songs by Anberlin since I got it on Monday, so that CD and I have had some good quality time together, but The Flame In All Of Us has been neglected the last couple days and Evolution hasn't gotten the attention it deserves at all since I got it. Deas Vial (I don't know if I'm spelling that right, or pronouncing it right for that matter, but whatever) is new enough that I'm not concerned. But seriously, I am happily overwhelmed with the amount of music I have to get to know.

These pictures need to move it along so I can go to bed. I have to wake up several hours earlier than I've woken up in almost two weeks. That means I need to get to bed a lot earlier than 2 tonight.

Hey, guess what? I'm seventeen. *giggle*

Alright! The pictures are finally ready to go. Here are a couple photos featuring Osama Bin Llama. Enjoy.

Mara the butterfly


  1. I can think of a few moments I would've frozen, possibly, but I'm not sure. I tend to view through an existential lens that prefers to freeze the moments for detached reflection afterwards, and hopes secretly that something better is around the corner. I personally think we'd get very, very, bored, and the best parts of life would turn into stale rehashes of themselves.

    I wish I even had a graphing calculator. I miss it, and I never had one--another old proverb bites the dust!

    Ooh! New music? *scuttles*

    Hurrah! You got le package? Hooray!

    Deas Vail (Day-ass Vay-ul)

    Yay photos!

  2. Evolution hasn't gotten the attention it deserves? Marabelle, we listened to nothing else all of Christmas Day. And multiple times the next two days after. *laugh*

    Hans: Thank you for the candle! He is sort of scary, but sort of charming. Ironically, he is sitting on the CD shelf next to Nothing to Dread: Reggae Praise. Teehee.

    I like to think that if a moment were genuinely freeze-worthy, there would not be something better around the corner. At least not for that particular moment.

    I have espresso bean in my teeth.

    Mara Tenille, we need to start keeping a notebook for quotes from our family. I love our family.

    "Death By Pink"

    "I hope somebody punched you." [/inside thought]