I've never any time to play, it always seems to slip away...

Today was pretty good.  So far at work I haven't had to file any receipts.  Just website stuff.  School was good.  Average.  I might do better in my Risk game than I thought I would.  Having a set can change everything.  I downloaded iTunes (again) for various reasons of various importance.  I'm trying to get it all configured the way I want it.  It's taking a long time.  I am flipping cold.  It's absurdly cold feeling today.  Maybe it's just me.

Yesterday I went sledding with my Mom and siblings and Andrew and Andy.  It was so much fun.  We definitely have to do that again.  It was the best.  I had a crazygood time.

I am so behind in Brit Lit, it makes me want to throw up.  That's almost not an exaggeration.

I will be happy when I don't ever have school again.  Maybe I won't actually, but based on my current perspective, I will be happy.  Later I might change my mind.  But you know, that's my prerogative.   It's sort of everyone's prerogative, actually.  I think that makes it not a prerogative anymore.  Just a... fact of life.

I'm so sleepy and voiceless and injured today.  *laugh*  It's really funny actually.  I don't know why it's funny, I just find it amusing all the random things wrong with me right now.

The bug on the Saosin cover creeps me out.

Okay.  I should go do something productive.  Like Brit Lit.  Which I am hopelessly behind in, like I stated earlier quite emphatically.

Mara Tenille, the Butterfly Child


  1. It was absurdly cold here, yesterday, on which note, I played broomball for three hours last night, and it was insanely cold for most of that time.

    Sledding is more awesome than pretty much any interested party gives it credit for being.

    Don't throw up! Catch up slowly, reading only for the joy of the books! *mouthpiece of The Establishment*

    You know, I think I might be glad when my schoolin' days are o'er, as well, although the prospect of getting up and going to work every morning isn't insanely appealing, either.

    There is a strange sort of humor inherent in being completely debilitated in body, and mostly, in mind.

    YES! CHARLES DICKENS FTW! (Although my inner soul doubts that's what you'd be reading, but that's the last British Author I read.)

  2. You're in a pretty solid position to win your Risk game, honey. Go you!

    You're not that far behind. You're really not. But tiredness breeds overwhelmedness which breeds dramaticness. Like Matt says...

    mood ring oh mood ring
    oh tell me will you bring
    the key to unlock this mystery
    of girls and their emotions
    play it back in slow motion
    so i may understand the complex infrastructure known as the female mind

    But it's really NOT that complex if you think about it. Plus you are fighting sickness and you have some semi-broken body parts. See? It's not all that complex, Relient K.

    Maybe after lunch you can brew some tea, eat a couple of those adorable little miniature Hershey bars and read Emma in a bubble bath. Yay!

    The movie should arrive today. *clap*

    I like your star book. Good job.

  3. Um...I need you, computer girl. There is random weird music interrupting my groove down here. And I don't know where it's coming from. MAKE IT STOP.

    Anyway, I forgot to add this:

    Leo: Sophie's gonna die.
    Pepaw: Yeah, when the table collapses under the weight of her dominoes.

    And...congratulations on your victory. *grin*

  4. I sent you a valentine, Miss Crafty Valentine Maker.

    Hearts are cool.

    Hans, I still need you to draw a field for me. Pleeeease?