Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it...

Stupid Risk.  I'm losing both games pretty miserably.  It's depressing.  Patrick is absolutely dominating in one of the games, and in the other game everyone else is pretty even, but I'm suffering from some major suckage.
So, I was thinking about fundraising for the Mexico trip, and I wondered what it would cost to get a bunch of greeting cards printed.  I could design some in like two seconds, it would just be a matter of getting them printed and selling them.  That would be pretty sweet.  I'm going to figure out where Kim got the Birthright ones printed and see how much those cost.  I think it's a good idea.  The singing telegram idea is good, too, but we'd need to learn some songs or something.  The silent auction will be pretty sweet too.  Maybe I could scrapbook a few boxes of blank cards to sell for that.  That would be cool.  I have lots of ideas.  I need to write them down or something.
So, today, I'm working.  Putting a year's worth of receipts in envelopes, organized by month.  Yep.  Fun stuff.  Not really.
So, this Risk game is going really badly, so I'm attempting to play it safe and stick with my one continent for awhile while Patrick and Nate duke it out for the rest of the world.  I almost have a set.  After that I can try and fly in under the radar and either succeed or fail miserably.  Most likely the latter.  But, I'll have fun doing it, because it's Risk, and I've recently decided that I love Risk.  I also love Barnes and Noble, and I'm trying right now to decide what to do with my gift cards.  I think I'm going to get some used stuff, and then when me and Em go to Des Moines sooner or later I'll use the rest of my gift cards.  Sounds pretty sweet to me.
I'm sleepy.  I wish I could take a nap.
Mara Tenille


  1. Ohmyword. You totally win. Making dinner WHILE reading Emma WHILE listening to Phantom of the Opera. That's...so...I don't even know. Domestically cultured?

    Yes, Emma is up next from Netflix. Not Fergalicious. *stare*

    Emma and Music Man, I think. Or maybe it's Emma and Sherlock Holmes.

  2. Well, if it makes you feel any better I just got smoked on my last turn. Which means I'll be joining you among the living dead shortly I believe.

  3. I didn't like Emma as much as I tend to like Jane Austen stories. I never read them, really, mind you. I just, um...Watch the films with half an eye while my sisters watch them full-on?

    Is the Mexico trip a youth group thing, or...?

    I cannot find the Wal-Mart gift card I got for Christmas, and am consequently quite peeved.

  4. "Patrick: Mara swap alliances from Tieck to me :)" Hahahaha...

    Or better yet: "I would like to do duh song for duh Mister duh Bee Gees."

    You are coughing in there while you're supposed to be sleeping like a baby, Marabelle. *concerned frown*

    I am closely monitoring the dollar theatre for I Am Legend. Your dad has to come. Seriously. Iwillneedto burymyfaceinsomeone'sarmwhenIamscared.
    And that is an official job of his. It's true. Actually, it's not a job, it's a privilege. *grin*


    I am going to sneak in there and listen to you breathe. OH. It's like Lifehouse except not. I love that song.

    "I am hanging on every word you're sayin', even if you don't want to speak tonight, that's alright, alright with me..."

    Operation Project Sneak commences now...

  5. You need to let me know during 3rd hour how you are feeling, either on here or by email. How is your stomach? Still feeling funny? *hug*

  6. Drinking 48 oz. of water when you're not thirsty and when you're not allowed to go to the bathroom is a total drag. [/fyi]

  7. Stop being almostsick. Okay? Just stop. *worries*

    Your other Risk game is hilarious. Are you having more fun playing with people that aren't quite as hardcore?

    By the way, I'm out after this round. It's been fun, though!

    Remind me to tell you and Dad and Soph about the conversation I had with Ian today about a "bad word". I meant to tell you all tonight after the boys went to bed. *laugh*

    Phantom is stuck in my head. I'm ready to watch that movie.

    How long will it take your star book to arrive?

    Thanks for the hot chocolate. And you even put it in my cool, paisley mug. You are a very sweet hot chocolate maker. *hug*

    This is the place where I put all the stuff I forget to say when you're with me in person. Just so you know.

  8. Risk might be the greatest game ever.

  9. Going for a record here, apparently...

    Art! *tackle*

    Andrew, meet Art. You would like him a lot. He is very big brotherlyish to Miss Marabelle. And he is like a bear. He can be seen playing drums and impersonating a wookie on youtube. He drives a Subaru. His wife is very tiny and she is lactose intolerant. [/Art trivia]

    Hans, wherever you are, you have the tiniest handwriting ever. And Mr. D was fine with the note. I forgot to tell you that. *smile*

    Mara, your star book was last seen in Forest Park, Illinois.

    Underoath was on before and it made me think of our conversation last night in the cold, cold van.

    Oh sweet angel of mercy
    With your grace like the morning
    Wrap your loving arms around me

    I will teach you...
    I will teach you...
    I will love you