The clock, it stopped working at a quarter past three...

Right now I'm in school waiting for Mrs. Ronca to find the tutorial disk that will hopefully explain how to use frames in Dreamweaver so I can make the Ballard website more awesome.  It will be slightly more boring, but it won't break anymore, which is way better.  Broken pages look horrible.  I don't like them at all.  So, hopefully I can fix it.
I adore Risk now.  I'm an addict.  I am probably really, really bad at it and just don't know it, but I think it's so much fun.  Maybe we'll play it on the retreat.  That would rock.  Probably not though, since Gabe is actually making us sleep.
My cold is getting better.  That's a good thing, yes.  Because it means I won't sniffle all weekend.  That would be llllaaaammmmeee.
Hooray.  That's it.


  1. Function over form mainly becomes an issue, I think, when things cease to function at all.

    Risk has temporarily fallen out of vogue with my youth group, so I've never really played, at least not in the past ten years. We're all 'bout Settlers of Catan, these days.

    Sniffling is an uncomfortable experience in any of its various incarnations.

  2. I told you Risk is fun. What could be more fun than taking over the world? I hope we do play on the retreat it is more fun in person.

  3. How is your tongue?

    Did you know there are over 400 views of the MtlFest video? That is kind of shocking.

    IT'S YOU, ISN'T IT, HANS?!? *laugh*

    I am jealous you get a date with Lewis. Not the sinful kind of jealous, though.

    Two things:

    Valentine's Day is coming up. Would that be a good time for the girls to have their formal dinner with their fancy dresses?

    You should figure out when you want to hostess the sleepover for the little girls. Because that is going to be absolutely adorable.