You make my head spin...

Life is oddly carpy and happy at the same time. It's making my head spin. That's a song by Supernova. A good one, too. But I think they say a not nice word in it. I wish they wouldn't do that. I'm glad Lukas Rossi won RockStar, too, because he was my favorite. That was a long time ago. Why am I even talking about it?

I messed up my Risk move and that made me even more generally irritated than I already was. I'm not going to blog about why I'm irritated, because that would be silly, and it's not even really 'irritated'. More like, I'm irritated because I'm sad, and I don't like being sad. But generally, I'm in a goodish mood, so don't be all alarmed and all like oh em jee something's wrong with Mara SOMEBODY CALL A AMBLEEANCE! because that would just be silly and pointless.

So. I'm listening to Supernova now. Then I will go to sleep and listen to Anberlin because that's what's in my CD player and because it rocks. I like Lost Songs a lot. It's definitely worth owning for all you hardcore Anberlin fans. If only for the song The Haunting. That song makes me all shiveryhappy.

Tomorrow I'm wearing my new lounge pants. Because that's just how awesome lounge pants are. And because they're uber comfy.



  1. OH! OH! I KNOW THE ANSWER!! PICK ME!!! I REMEMBER THIS ONE! Because this is your blog, so you get to talk about whatever you want?

    Ambulances are like cannons--an easy solution to anything that makes you uncomfortable. I think that's why their use is so prevalent.

    It's definitely better than the average B-sides album.

    Tomorrow, I have no idea what I'm wearing.

  2. Awww. It's going to be OK.

    Mara update: She is playing Burnout:Revenge with Em, lamenting her online Risk game and eating chips/salsa, fresh pineapple, chicken potpies and ice cream.

  3. Hello, Miss INTP. Do you feel rare? *laugh*

    I just read through the profile for Sophie and I. Freaky. And I read yours again. Even freakier. I can't wait for your dad to do it!

    The Olsons are going to do them and let us know. She said that she and Mr. Olson did them at that church planter assessment and they were shocked at how accurate it was. She thought it was going to be really stupid and it ended up totally nailing them both.

    The bathroom smells like frosting. Seriously. That's why I tasted the stuff the other night. I find that perfectly reasonable.

    I will forgive you when you kill me in Risk. *nod*

    Funniest quote of the day:
    "He can be IN my wedding, but he can't be the STAR."