All that I could find was a thin line between all the siants and villians...

Today I am a bit sniffly.  And there's a massive storm coming and I have to work.  And I think I put my contact lense on inside out this morning, because it still feels funny.  I think school's getting out at 12:30.  I get out then, anyway, so it doesn't really matter, but you know, still.  I should probably not go to work then.  Not gonna lie.  If it's that bad then that's probably not a good idea.  I don't know.  I'll call Mom and ask.  She's good at knowing important stuff like that.
My Risk game with Patrick and Nate is going somewhat badly.
I should go now so I don't get bell'd.



  1. Mara,
    So glad to hear you recognize the wisdom of Mothers. Now, could you please share your enlightened view with MY children,(particularly my middle one)?
    Hope you know how much you're loved. Have a good Thursday.
    Free in Him,
    Summer Lee

  2. What song is this line from? It's a good one.

    I sent you bunches of flowers.