You are my home, you are my everything when I feel so alone...

Man.  Life has this way of throwing these little sucky things at you that make you sort of irritated and angry, and I don't like it.  Sometimes life does stupid stuff.  I think it just likes to poke at you until you jump on it and beat it up and show it who's boss.  Or something.  I don't really know what I'm talking about. *laugh*

Tomorrow is my birthday!  I'm so excited.  I got some clothes today as a present from Mom and Dad.  Some really sweet clothes, too.  An awesome shirt that looks like a football jersey and has a sparkly 17 on it (I could say things here that would make me and Mom laugh, but I'm not going to) since I'll be seventeen, and a hoodie and some lounge pants.  The comfiest hoodie and lounge pants you ever wore.  Since hoodie isn't really a word, I'm conflicted as to whether it's spelled "hoodie" or "hoody", but I think it's -ie.  Since it's not real it probably doesn't matter.

Tomorrow we're skipping Sunday School again.  Muahahahahahaha.  Take that, holiday spirit!

Okay.  I have to go sleep.  No sleeping in until noon tomorrow.

Mara Tenille the birthday butterfly


  1. Happy Second Day of Being Seventeen!

    I meant to post a birthday comment yesterday, but, honestly, I had too many words. So twice I sat down to write it and twice I didn't even know where to start. I even started a birthday post in my own dusty blogger, but had the same problem. Maybe I can get my thoughts down when I'm a bit less emotional. *laugh*

    We love you.

    Jesus loves you.

    We are so humbled that He gave you to us.

    You are more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Inside and out.

    We are so proud of you. I am, especially, in this specific moment. You are letting Him get a hold of you, bit by precious bit, and it is fragrant and lovely.

    You are loved by many, Mara Tenille.

  2. And you are especially adorable this morning.

    Aren't you thankful that even though I have the power to tease you and embarrass you mercilessly, that I choose not to, because I'm good like that? Hmm?!? YOU SHOULD BE SO VERY GLAD, MARABELLE.

  3. "Builder with the broken bricks, mother to the baby chicks,
    You made this world to look so nice, I wonder what the next one's like?"
    -mewithoutYou (Yellow Spider)

    I can't think of the precise words that would articulate a good reply to the issue of little, sucky parts of life, but I think keeping your chin up and letting God do His thing is the important bit, and, of course, waiting to see what the next world's like. *shrugsmile*

    Hurrah for seventeenth birthdays!

    I hope seventeen is as much a bittersweet and fantastic year for you as it has been for me, all...seven months of it, so far.

    I didn't skip Sunday School, I skipped church outright. *postures*

    Of course, I was on le Road.