I saw one gaze frozen in time, watching me passing by...

I love this song.  I think I might be obsessed.  Not really, but this would be a good song to obsess over.

My new nail polishes rock.  They're really cool colors.  A light blue shiny one, a purple/brown multicolored amazing magical one, and a blue glitter one.  Yep.  Pretty nifty.

So, at our concert Saturday we're the only Christian band playing. (Oh, by the way, we have a concert on Saturday. *wink*)  They want us to share the gospel.  So, I'm like... sweeeeeet... but I have to write something awesome to say.  So, if you have a moment and you'd like to pray for us, that would be fantastic.  I'm really excited, but really nervous at the same time.

I feel like writing a song.  I think I'll go do that.

Mara Tenille


  1. Praying already.
    Where's the concert? What time? Fill me in, don't hold out on me.
    Summer Lee

  2. The nail polish sounds lovely.

    I have a moment.

    Ooh! Do we get to read it?