Hey unfaithful, I will teach you to be stronger...

thejoypirate!?  Who is you be, person?  I'm so confused!  Are you stalking me?  Because I definitely know people who could and would take you down.  Muahahahahahahaha.  I LIVE ON A WELL LIT STREET WITH LOTS OF DOGS THAT BARK WHEN PEOPLE COME BY AND MY PARENTS WATCH OUT THE WINDOWS FOR EVIL PEOPLE!  IT'S ALL TRUE!


So, youth group was really good.  The lesson was excellent.  I think there were people that really needed to hear it, so I'm excited to see what God does with it.

I am now proclaiming that the song Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape is incredible.  I love it.  I want to cover it.  But I have to convince Ben to scream.  Muahahahahahaha.  I bet he'd do it.  Actually I bet he won't, and I'd be shocked if he even considered it, but you know.  It's the thought that counts.  Or something.  It's an awesome song though.  Seriously.  Underoath is my hero.

I need sleep now.  Goodnight!

Mara the Butterfly


  1. I really liked the lesson too, although I would have preferred to have it come at me a bit slower. My brain seems to work at a much slower speed than others'. I really appreciated Gabe's encouragement that we're not trying to win an arguement but to present our faith and ourselves as intelligent. Maybe one of these nights some of us could go out for pie and coffee (or DPepsi and ice cream) to discuss the teaching. I think the next few weeks will be worth talking about. Hope your Monday went well. It's supper time here.
    Free in Him,
    Summer Lee

  2. Umm... Yah, no I am not stocking you. Umm... it's Adam Jeremiah Roney. Umm... yah, so yah. Peace!

  3. Hey Adam,
    Do you have an eye patch? That would be so cool! Like a joyful one, y'know, sorta happy...maybe yellow or lime green. Yep, that'd be cool.
    Free in Him,
    Summer Lee

  4. Adam should wear an eyepatch with a smiley face on it.
    If I was there, I would sing low harmonies on Some Will Seek Forgiveness with you. Or high harmonies. Except we all know I fail at harmonies. Oh well. Hi, Mara. I actually talked to you today. And the main reason I'm still talking is because I microwaved myself some soup for dinner and it went way too long and was actually boiling so there's no way I can eat it just yet so I'm talking to Mara instead hooray!

  5. Your parents watch out the windows for evil people? I wasn't aware, actually.

    It's always good when something comes along that has everyone thinking for a couple of weeks. Bravo God, eh?

    It took you awhile to proclaim that, you know? I had a sore throat tonight, so it was easy to sing gravelly and terrible, but then in practicing to do it, I worked off my sore throat, so it hurt to sing gravelly and dreadfully. It was a shame.

    Underoath is pretty dang heroic, but the song of theirs that I still can't stop listening to is Reinventing Your Exit.

  6. Your biscotti are really tasty.

    I am buying glow-in-the-dark paint tomorrow for your ceiling stars. OH! I forgot you will be with me. We can check Michael's for a butterfly stamp and some photo boxes.

    I hope you aren't sick, Lil' Tea Drinking Knitter. It turns out Mikayla was working on the stomach flu yesterday. Poor little thing.

    And I'm glad you got to talk with Jason and Leighanna. They like you, you like them, I like them. It works. *grin*

    AND I'm all over Mrs. V's Official Pie and Lesson Discussion Plan. We could call it Operation Pie Talk. [/Charlie's Angels hair]

    Hi, Adam! I mean...ARGH!

  7. Annnnnnd...I forgot to mention that we have to watch The Importance of Being Earnest tomorrow. Or today, depending on when you read this.

    You also need to tell me what you would like to watch after that. Are you up for the newer, darker Peter Pan? Or some Sherlock Holmes?

    Right now we have these movies in the top ten slots in our queue:
    Music Man
    Sherlock Holmes: Prelude to Murder
    Jeeves & Wooster Season 1
    Mary Poppins
    Miss Potter (supposed to be excellent)
    My Fair Lady
    Peter Pan (newer and darker)
    Word Wars (a documentary about a national Scrabble tournament)

    You just delivered a paper to me. Thank you. Bummer. It's not pink this time. But I still love you.

  8. Oh, look! It's Mom again!Tuesday, November 13, 2007 4:04:00 PM

    Step 1: finish Gulliver's Travels
    Step 2: put on pajamas
    Step 3: coerce Dad into making popcorn
    Step 4: coerce Leo into building a fire
    Step 5: wrap up in blankets with Sophie and I on the couch
    Step 6: watch The Importance of Being Earnest
    Step 7: wash face
    Step 8: brush your freshly polished teeth that are completely cavity-free and not in need of braces...go you!
    Step 9: sleep

    This is not very many steps. Piece of cake. Oh, man. Cake sounds good.