Ballard high, Ballard high, fight, fight, fight!

That was a really short and somewhat pointless pep rally.  And now the school song is stuck in my head.
I'm really tired.  I slept horribly last night, for no apparent reason.  And my throat hurts and I'm thirsty.  Grrrrr.
I'm not feeling very fantastic about the lock in.  Not gonna lie.
Mrs. Ronca is giving us a crash course in Dreamweaver, which I spent half of last year using, so it's pretty boring.  It gives me time to blog though, which is good.  And, thus far, I don't have any homework.  Algebra is tedious and time consuming.
Gotta run!


  1. Gah. I had two lines of a song I haven't heard in months stuck in my head all weekend.

    It'll be a chance to demonstrate to yourself that you have the ability to make something positive about something that looks like it'll be a drag. Not that you don't know that already, but it never hurts to stay in practice.

    Algebra is a strange bird; either fantastically interesting or a facilitator of dull headaches.

  2. This is me giving you permission to have pumpkin pie for breakfast. *grants permission*

  3. The unthinkable has occurred: Jordan has dropped out of the band.

    There is always hope, but now there is considerably less of it.