We fall down, we get up, we try to hold our head up when life pulls us apart...

Today is Thursday.  This week is going by really fast for some reason.

I am taking an online CPR course.  I should finish it today or tomorrow, and then I'll take my online First Aid course, and then I have to go to the Ames Red Cross for a skill session to show them that I actually learned how to do CPR and I'm not just wacky and going to kill anyone.

Today I was looking at prom dresses, because it's getting to be time to find one.  I looked at some Jovani gowns even though they are almost all way too expensive, because Jovani dresses are the prettiest.  So, of course, I'm browsing along, and I find one that I adore.  It's the long version of a short dress that I found last year, and it even comes in the purple/yellow color scheme that is freaking adorable.  So I'm all like, "Oh em jee, this dress is PURRRRFECT!" and then I look at the price.  Almost $400.  To those of you who spend tons of money on stuff like that, maybe that's not that big of a deal.  But you have to understand, my dress last year was free.  All the other prom dresses I've ever had to wear were either free, borrowed, or purchased at a thrift store.  $400 is a week's paycheck.  Right now, I'm not getting a paycheck.  So yeah.  $400.  BUT I LOVE IT!  Andrew made the point that if I get a job soon I could set aside $50 a week until I am able to pay for it, and that seems much less ridiculous.  But I have to be able to get it on time, of course.  So I don't know.  There are other, much cheaper dresses out there, and it might just be that I find another one that I really like.  But this one is just so cute.

I am drinking a Mountain Dew Throwback.  I haven't had one of these since Art brought me one last spring when he came for my graduation party.  It's tasty, and it brings back good memories.  I miss Art.  Art, you should come back and hang out sometime.  And bring the M's, and we can make Hans and Lara and Sarah come too, and we'll have a big party.

The book I am reading for that review thing is over halfway done.  Yay!  I'm finally starting to buckle down and get it read.  The book is "Fearless" by Max Lucado, in case you didn't know.  So far I recommend it.  It's good, good stuff, and it's short, and it's not boring or hard to understand.  But I'm not going to talk about it anymore because I have to actually write a review on it later, and then you will hear all about it.

Tomorrow is a big day.  I am nervous for tomorrow.  Tomorrow I have an interview with one of the families that I may potentially be a nanny for.  AHHHHHHHHH.  I am nervous.  I am excited.  I hope it goes well and they like me.  Even if I the job doesn't work out.  But oh my land, I am getting so nervous.

I suppose I should give you a couple details about the nanny job.  There are two families, and they would share me.  There are four kids total, and they're all under the age of 4, with two of them being around 1.  When I have said that to people they have looked at me like I'm crazy, but that doesn't really intimidate me that much really.  I think I could handle it.  So, I am meeting one of the two families tomorrow afternoon.  If you are reading this, I would ask that you pray for the interview to go well, for me not to sound like a bumbling idiot, and that God would make it clear if I am supposed to take this job or not.

In other news, my TV shows are beginning to start up again!  YAY!  I don't really watch that many TV shows, but right now for some reason I am really into a couple shows.  I am going to watch the new episode of House right now actually, and then in a week or so the new The Office episodes are supposed to be up, I think.  WOO HOO!

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  1. At least when you kick your online CPR course's butt, you'll be able to resuscitate it.

    That dress is beautiful even without the fluttery hem that comes on the short version. And I think I might be equally divided between the two color choices. The purple/yellow is super sweet and feminine, but the aqua/brown is very sophisticated.

    I was disappointed in the new Office episode. Too much off-color humor. :( You see that, Michael Scott? You made me frown!

    I am very, very, very, very excited for you. ;)