Better things, like winter flings and longing after spring has sprung...

I am watching Project Runway Season 5 with Mom.  Netflix is good for watching old TV shows.  Or old seasons of shows.

Today we went shopping.  I got 4 pairs of tights, all in prints.  I like tights.  I also got some earrings and shirts and a skinny red belt.  Then we went to see When in Rome, which was alright.  By "we" I mean Mom, Sophie, Manda, Madeline and I.

I bought Andrew's Valentine's prize today.  It will be shipped in a few days, so that's nice.  I'm also making him a mix CD like I did last year, with a cool jewel case and everything.  I'm working on the design for it still, and honestly I haven't even finished the track list.  So, I'm a little bit stressed about getting that done, but I think it'll be alright.

I got my CPR and First Aid certification this week!  I took the initial class online last week, and then on Friday I had to go in for a skill session.  Basically, I had to show on the manikins that I knew how to do CPR correctly and stuff.  So, I was a little bit nervous about it.  I didn't want to forget anything, and even though CPR is a lot simpler now than it used to be it's still kind of intimidating to have to do everything exactly right.  But I went and the Red Cross lady was really nice.  So I did CPR on an adult manikin, a child manikin, and a baby manikin, and then went over some First Aid things like how to take care of various injuries and illnesses and then I got some cards to prove that I can save people.

I'm sleepy.  I have worship team in the morning.  Waking up early isn't too fun.

This week I was a nanny for three days.  Only one of the days was with all four kids.  Monday I start officially, so once that happens then I'll talk more about how it goes.  So far it's been good though.

I am yawning a lot now so I'm not going to write any more.

Mara Tenille

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