When we dance, I'll whisper nothing in your ear...

Oh snap.

This is a fast blog post. Because I am busy today. Sort of. Mostly school. But I do have to go clean. And such. Then I am right back to working on ASL stuff. I have to remember to get trig done too.

I want more games for my iPod. Any suggestions?

I am tired. I wish I could take a nap.

I fixed a couple of broken links on the playlist again. I forget to do that sometimes, but lately I have been good about it. So yep. Hope that pleases everyone.

I think I am going to go find a snack and then leave. I need to go clean. I wish my iPod wasn't dead.


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  1. Nothing? Nothing at all? Dancing is good for whispering. Their ear is just right there. Right there for whispering into.

    Don't forget to do your trig, honey.

    Hope your iPod is resurrected...