The stars are alive, they dance to the music of the deepest emotion...

Raise your hand if you google the titles of these blogs to see what song they are from.
If I were you, I would google them, because I think that stuff is interesting.  I don't google them though, because I pick them, and that would just be silly.
I started Mikayla's hat again.  This time I hope it works.  I will be really sad if it doesn't.
I wish I didn't have to do school anymore.  I am ready to be done with homework forever.  Laaaaaammmmme.
I have a trig test tomorrow.  I hope I actually understand what I am doing.  I think I do.  Hopefully.
Wow.  I apparently have nothing to say that has any substance.  Maybe I am just in emotional overload.  I bet that's why.
I wanted to go to the Harms today but I had too much to do, so I couldn't.  That makes me sad.  I really wishI could have.  *sigh*
I need to go and get some sleep before I explode or something.


  1. I tried to comment on your post yesterday. The white box wouldn't come up. Bleh.

    I started singing the titular song even as I read the lyrics. Strong work.

    I do get very curious about some of them, but I think I recognize most.

    I have no idea what I had planned to say yesterday.

  2. Thanks a lot. The song is stuck in my head now.

    It is wonderful.