You'd break your neck to keep your chin up...

Sometimes I wish I was more like someone else.  I will see qualities in people, and I wish I could be like them.  I am trying to just be happy with who I am, but it's difficult.  Andrew thinks that we balance each other out well.  Maybe that is the positive side of things.  I don't know.  Whatev, man, whatev.

Today I am in a weird mood.  Maybe I'm just tired.  I need to practice ASL.  Right now I am in Comp.  I feel like a teacher's pet in this class.  I think I have gotten bonus points on every assignment so far.  It's sort of embarrassing and weird.  Maybe I need to slack off more.

Tonight I am going to Andy's basketball game.  Go Eagles!

I need to make a list of stuff I need to get today.  And suddenly I don't remember any of those things.  I hate when that happens.

Oh my gawrsh, this class is moving so slowly. *dies*

I am ready to go home now.  Already.  But no, I have to stay here for another four hours.  Grrrrrrr. *angst*



  1. I suppose you're finding out what it's like for the regular high school goers being trapped in a building for so long every day. The ironic part is you're at college, not high school.

    About the slacking. . .remember Jesus didn't halfway do it, he SLAMMED!!!

  2. Ya, I agree with Brian. Even though he so stole that line from Toby Mac. lol Don't slack off you want to get a good grade and who cares what people think of you. Jesus loves you just the way you are. So be yourself. You are awesome!

  3. I agree with Jessica you are awesome the way you are! And we do balance each other well. Andy's team lost. It was a bummer, they played well the first half and then kind of lost it. They were playing a good team though. And the reffing certainly didn't help.

  4. I will be here to watch you grow in beauty...

    That song was stuck in my head all day after hearing it with you yesterday. (I can still hear you singing it for the wedding. It was so beautiful. When your dad and I renew our vows, I want you to sing it. *grin*) And as soon as I read this post, that line popped out at me. Yeah, I know it's intended for a romantic relationship, but it describes the privilege I've had in your life.

    You are beautiful, Mara.

    You also have a really cute blog layout for Valentine's Day.