Give me your eyes for just one second...

Ohmyland.  Comp 1 is driving me innnsssaaaaannnnnne.  It's like.  PLEASE just teach us something.  Or better yet, just let us just teach ourselves.  Too.Much.Pointless.Filler.

People who talk constantly about nothing, even if they are very nice people, are sometimes very annoying.  Especially when they are talking about things that have nothing to do with anything you are supposed to be doing.  Or when they are telling you their ideas and opinions about things that are clearly not thought through.  It's cumbersome.

Today I am going to practice signing after ASL with some of my new friends from that class.  That will hopefully be fun.  I think it probably will be.

I need to go to the bathroom.

We are doing homonyms and confused words now.  It's wicked boring.  I think I know all of these.  Argh.  BORING.  This class is way too easy.  It's killing me with lameness.

I wish I had something edible with me.  Or at least some gum.

Mara Tenille


  1. I wish I knew how you really felt about your Comp class. *laugh*

    Affect and effect don't like me.

    This is a good playlist.

    What are you doing for your dinner tonight? I wonder if I need to bring something to church.

  2. So yeah. I was doing a little browsing.

    What do you think about this one? I don't think it matters that it's a size 9/10 and you're a 4.


    I also found a really pretty dress, but this is what I found in their FAQ. The question was about choosing a custom color.

    "A:The color of dress is freedom of, the above color card can be provided as choice,Many the dress of color, the our suggestion please don't modification, please such as painting creation, with decrease the color result in of problem."

    *crosses eyes*

  3. Don't know what your problem is Cinnamon. That clearly states that dresses are stupid and we ought to simply wear jeans.

  4. You are cuddled up against me right now and you finally fell asleep. The clock said four-something when you came upstairs.

    You make cute noises when you sleep. Lots of adorable little whimpers and sighs.

    I like being your mom.

    And I meant what I said about vacations.

  5. Your stomach is growling, but you have stopped whimpering.

    Jeans would be much simpler, that's for sure. I think we've finally found a winner, though. Yay!