Let's you and me make a night of it, we're old enough to know but too young to care...

ANBERLIN!  HOORAY!  I am really, really excited.  Jessica isn't able to go because of her hip, which is really, really sad, but she made the decision herself so she is okay with it.  We will miss her a lot, but it will still be lots of fun.  Andrew, Emily, Patrick and I are now the only ones going, but we are all really excited for it.  It should be a rockin' awesome time.

Now I have to leave for Madeline's rockin'awesome birthday party.  Bye!

Mara the rockin' awesome Butterfly

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  1. Have fun at Anberlin! I wish i could go, but have to make the right decision. Went on the retreat last weekend that was fun now i have to miss up this fun opertunitty. Owell have to make the right decission. So i offically think that your music player thing on here is pretty awesome. Good choice in songs. Well Hope you have fun.