We're no better, you'll see, just all of us, the lost causes...

Anberlin was a blast.  I think it's safe to say that we all had an awesome time.  The three bands that played before Anberlin were pretty alright, but they weren't Anberlin, and we were definitely ready for them to get off the stage.  Anberlin was fantastic, and they played most of the awesome songs, with the exception of Haight Street and A Whisper and a Clamour and probably more that I didn't think of.  But, of course, the set can only be so long, and they played some amazing stuff.  They opened with a song from the new CD that I forgot the name of.  They played Never Take Friendship Personal and Paperthin Hymn and A Day Late and one or two more from NTFP, and then most of the good stuff from Cities, including Inevitable and, as a rockin' encore, *Fin.  They played a few songs off the new CD, but not as many as I expected them to.  You know how lots of bands will play basically all their newest songs?  They didn't do that, which was actually really nice for those of us that are fans of their older music, too.  It would have been nice if they had played one or two from Blueprints for the Black Market just for giggles, but I didn't really expect them to, so it wasn't a dissapointment or anything.  I throughly enjoyed their performance.  So, after the concert we headed home and stopped at the Wendy's drive through, where we ordered 4 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, (three for Patrick, ketchup and mustard only, and one for me) two chicken nuggets, (one for Patrick and one for Emily), and four Frosties (one for each of us) and received all that plus an extra Junior Bacon, a couple chicken sandwhiches, and some fries.  So, we felt sort of bad for getting all this random extra food, but we ate it anyway.  It was delicious.  Then we came home.  It was fun times.

Mara Tenille


  1. Glad you all had fun! I have been told that it was a blast. Getting the phone call from the concert last night was pretty sweet. Sounded like you were all having a blast. lol I could hear Emily and someone else screaming in the background singing. It made me laugh. Really happy that you guys had fun. Free food is awesome. lol

  2. You were a happy, happy girl when you came home, that's for sure. I'm sure some of that was the concert. *poke*

    EVERYONE was missing your bread today. It was really, really yummy, Marabelle. Keep teaching Ian. It would be nice to have two breadmakers in the family.

    You need more bread flour. I mean, you knead more bread flour. *slaps knee*

    DO YOU HAVE A TIGER? *raises eyebrows*

  3. It is very helpful to me when you are my grocery-getter. Thank you very much.

    Six inches taller yet? A lot can happen in 24 hours. You could always try tripling your dose of multivitamin.

    We are having stir-fry tonight. Unfortunately for us, that means we are NOT having Chicken Thought Pie.

    DO YOU HAVE A TIGER? *raises eyebrows*

  4. Sounds awesome, though I prefer the double stack. :)