Jesus, Jesus, there's something about your name...

Gah, I keep forgetting to email Leighanna back.  I have to do that.  Have to, have to, have to.
Yesterday was my first day of DMACC.  It started off nicely when school got delayed and I got to sleep in.  Trig was not even worth going to, because it was only 45 minutes long and we only did sudokus and word search puzzles as extra credit.  Then I went home and had some mac n' cheese and then headed off.  I nearly underestimated how long it took to get there, but it ended up okay and I got to Comp 1 just on time.  Comp should be an easy, fun class.  We use TIME magazine as our textbook, which is sort of interesting.  Our professor is a nice lady who talks a lot and was very concerned when no one really knew anything about politics.  So, she told us all about Biden and what a wonderful man was and how she wrote a research paper on him once and whatnot.  So, after Comp I had ASL, which sounds like it is going to be a nightmere.  Ten chapters a week out of this massive book about deaf culture and stuff and then this other book that we are guaranteed by our professor not to understand and then write some massive papers and this week we have to come up with names of 5 famous deaf Americans and our professor will pick one of them for us to give a presentation on.  He said that for every hour we are in class we should plan on practicing and doing homework for 3 hours outside of class.  That is 18 hours a week.  Yeah, I can't really do that, so I don't know how that's all going to work out.  Maybe it won't really take that long.  Our class has like thirty-something people in it and our professor is begging half of us to drop the class because it's too big.  So anyway, that one will be interesting, in a frightening sort of way.  After that I went to Cafe Diem, called Andrew, ordered a chai and a muffin, and then talked to my mom.  Then I went back for my last class.  Sociology sounds really interesting, and our professor said that it is an easy class to get an A on, and the material is pretty interesting.  We did this color test thing where we figured out our color and then read about it and whatnot.  I am gold and green.  It was pretty fascinating.
I need to call Erick, too.  I was supposed to call him on Monday.  Man, this week has just been sort of nuts.  I am normally not as bad about forgetting things and stuff.  Grrrrr.
The Price is Right still amuses me.  Not much has changed since my childhood.
I tried on a prom dress at Goodwill on Monday.  It was cute and in good condition, but sort of plain.  So, I am still prom dress shopping.  It is actually really fun.
Well, I am feeling the need to do something more productive now, so I am off to do homework.


  1. Yeah for sudokus! "Biden" and "wonderful" are not two words I would use in the same sentense very often, unless there is a "not" added in there somewhere. What color would I be? The Price is Right is awesome. Although not nearly as awesome without Bob Barker.

  2. From what I am hearing from the couch next to me, things are boding well for ASL so far. ("Oooh, listen to this...wow...this is fascinating...isn't that interesting?) *smile*

    You forgot to tell about when your ASL teacher asked if there were any high school students.

    And please tell about the guy who loves himself. And Mercedeses.

    Green and Gold fit you well, Marabelle. I definitely see you in their descriptions.

    Drew Carey is a sad, sad, sad replacement for Bob Barker.

    Let's go make cinnamon rolls!