Live for today, we'll dream tomorrow, we've got big plans in sight...

Today is a good day.  School is back and happening and all, which is sort of fun and sort of not at the same time, but you know.  Semester tests went really well, which was nice.  Ian and I went out for ice cream.  My awesome pink iPod is here, finally.  And stuff!  So yeah, it's been a good day so far.  I like that.

So, my new iPod is all synced up and stuff and I've been playing Solitaire (or Klondike or whatever they call it) and that wicked awesome maze game.  Now I'm listening to Anberlin, as you might have guessed.  Hey, I'm probably going to see them in Des Moines on the 18th, so if you want to come let me know.  So yes, anyway, this new iPod is awesome.

So, guess what?  I am going to prom.  *giggle*  I'm so excited.  I think everyone that reads this regularly knows that already.

I like caffeine.

Gotta go get Sophie from school.



  1. Taking Ian out for ice cream is cute.

    Hot pink iPods are cute.

    Origami dragons are cute.

  2. YAY for your iPod! How exciting! I still don't know how to add music to mine...so far asking Chad to do it for me works. Lol! If you want different earbuds I really like the skullcandy inkd ones at Target for $16.99. They have adjustable rubber things to make them smaller. Maybe I have freakishly small ear holes...hmmm...

  3. why you bad? We refund money early you, and has paypal the evidence, lies!!baddy!!

  4. Me: Why is your face all sparkly?
    You: My face is always sparkly after I wash it.
    Me: What, do you just spontaneously produce sparkles?
    You: Yes. I wash my face and sparkles come squeezing out of my pores.

  5. I regularly read this, and I had no idea. :) I am fairly clueless. This has been proven to me at least twice in the last ten minutes.