You were always hard to hold, so letting go ain't easy...

75 days.

Going to Ohio fell through.  I'll reschedule it to some other time, but yeah.  That was a bummer.  Hopefully it will happen soon though.

Phil Wickham was really good!  We had a fun time and the music was great.  The amphitheatre was really pretty once it got dark.  I'd never been to a concert at Simon Estes so it was really cool to be on the river with my friends, listening to some music.

I bought a really nice guitar on Saturday, and oh my golly does it sound good.  It's a Martin DC-1E.  It's beautiful, and it sounds amazing.  I love it.  It needs a name though, so feel free to shoot out any suggestions that pop into your brains.

I'm digging on this thunderstorm that's happening right now.

I am feeling terribly unproductive.  I am generally not motivated to do anything today.  That is really a terrible way to be.  I don't like when I feel like that.  So, tomorrow will be better.

I'm not even motivated to finish this blog.  So bye!


  1. You should name your guitar "Carl" if it is a boy and "Maggie" if it is a girl.

  2. Not all that boring of a blog, my friend.

    I am pretty excited about your new guitar... even if I am more of a Taylor guy myself. That is because of just one guitar, though. The 314ce. My goodness. I get all nostalgic just thinking about the last time I played one.

    I am a bit sad that Ohio fell through. If Hansel goes to THE Ohio State University, I am going to plan to visit him during football season.

  3. Peepaw wants you to call your guitar Angel
    Isn't that the sweetest?
    I vote for rhema -- because God will speak to you and others through this instrument. We're just happy you love it and we see a new zeal for enjoying the gift He has given you. We love you very much, Mara --