There are moments when, when I know it and the world revolves around us...

...And we're keeping it, keep it all going
This delicate balance
Vulnerable, all-knowing...

71 days.  70 if you don't count today.

This weekend I visited both the Saturday night and Sunday morning services at The Downtown Church.  I loved it.  I don't even want to visit other churches now, just because it was so great.  From the moment I walked in I had people introducing themselves to me.  Two girls in particular exchanged numbers with me, invited me to hang out after the service, and offered to meet me on Wednesday for Epicenter, a program where they do dinner and have a speaker and do service projects and such.  I didn't have to work to meet people, they reached out to me.  The worship was also really, really good, and the sermon was great.  Dan Rude is their pastor, and he preached on Heaven and how God gave us a picture of what Heaven will be like so that we can imagine it, because Heaven is supposed to give us hope, and we can't hope for something we don't desire or can't imagine. The Saturday evening service was where most of the youngish people went, although I am guessing that most of the people there were a couple years older than me.  The service this morning was smaller, had more young families with children, and was a lot more low-key.  I liked both of them a lot though.

So, now my plan is to keep going to DTC on Saturday nights, and probably visit other churches on Sunday mornings.  Or vice-versa.  Because even though I really liked the church I feel like I should still be seeing what else is out there.  So, I am also going to visit The Gateway, Christian Life Assembly, and Lutheran Church of Hope.

Tonight I am going over to Kim's house to watch The Village.  We usually go over a book, but last week the book talked a lot about that movie, and neither of us had seen it.  I'm pretty excited to see it, actually.  Hopefully it isn't scary.

My boyfriend got me a prize at SeaWorld today, and he won't tell me what it is.  He's off in Florida for their family's Make A Wish trip.  He got to touch dolphins.  I'm jealous.

...Sing me something soft
Sad and delicate
Or loud and out of key
Sing me anything...


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  1. Corey was very impressed that I didn't have to sleep with the lights on after watching The Village. Definitely freaked me out a little bit, but I think because of what was actually behind the scariness, it didn't bug me. I didn't dream of red caped creatures with gigantic claws coming after me.

    P.S. I'm glad you have found a church you really like.