I'm out of touch, I'm out of reach...

80 days before he leaves.

I am going to Ohio in two weeks to see Hans, Lara, and Sarah, my three good internet friends.  I love them all.  I am very excited.  Today is Hans' birthday even, so everyone should say hello to him and tell him they love him dearly.

Tonight I'm going to see Phil Wickham with some friends.  I've only heard a few of his songs but they were really good, so it should be a fun time.  Music is just awesome any time, so I can't imagine it will be lame.

My last time on worship team is on Sunday.  It's also the day of my last special music.  I'm going to sign Come My Way by Skillet.  I'm kind of melancholy about the whole thing, but it will be good to just get it over with and then move on to the next chapter of my life, or whatever it is they call this awkward transition.

My car has been backed into twice.  Both by the same person.  It is getting fixed soon.

My hair needs to be cut.  It is currently burgundy.

I miss my boyfriend.  He's out of town for a wedding.  I have a 5-day weekend and no one to take me on dates. *sigh*  Oh well.  I'll just sleep instead.

I don't have anything else to say at the moment, but I promise to write something more interesting later.



  1. I am glad you are planning to fly instead of driving 10+ hours by yourself. I hope it all comes together. It will be a fun adventure!

    Phil Wickham was amazing. Wow. If I were a person who rushed out to purchase CD's, I would do just that. I love how incredibly passionate he is about Jesus. And that falsetto? Oh my. I seriously wonder if he has a background in opera.

    Are you more excited now about checking out Downtown Church? They've got some enthusiastic worshippers, that's for sure. And SO MANY 20-somethings! And for 150 people to use a week of vacation to share the Gospel and acts of love/service in downtown DSM? That's pretty darn cool. Even if that is not where God would have you land, it's wonderful to know the awesome things happening in the Body in the name of Christ.

    I am praying for your last special music. That the Holy Spirit would use the words and your voice and your heart for Jesus to minister to each person in the exact way they need. He is so good to us.

    So far you've had a pretty busy 5-day weekend, Marabelle. *laugh* Though I'm sure you'd love some dates if you could have them.

    Bonfire tonight! Woot!

  2. I admit that I am a bit jealous of the time you will be spending with Hans. I don't really know the other two much, but I am a big fan of Hans.

    Why will you no longer be part of the team? I can understand being a bit melancholy about stuff like that. I know I would be.