Here's my kiss to betray, desperate to brush the lips of Grace...

Do you feel hollow when you think of how I've lied?

Seriously, Underoath and Aaron Marsh, could you have made a better song?  No.  This is my favorite song.  Number one favorite.  I mean, I have lots of songs where I say "Hey, this is one of my favorite songs!" But this one is different.  It is my number one favorite.  That's a big deal.  I don't have many number one favorites.  Stop by iTunes and buy Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape if you'd like to listen to a piece of me.  Or come to my church on May 30th and hear me and some rad people play it.

Sorry that I haven't blogged in forever.  I've been lacking inspiration in the blogging realm.  I am stoked enough about this song that I had to tell you all about it.  Anyway, so if there are things that I said I'd tell you about and haven't that you want to know about, I forgot about them so go ahead and comment or something and tell me to talk about it, because I will.  I really just forgot.

I am sleepy and tired and I have yet another busy weekend.  I desperately want to sleep in, and it isn't going to happen this weekend, yet again.  That makes me irritated, but that's because I'm kind of a lamewad.

That's all.


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