Forget love, I just want you to make sense to me tonight...

Is this too hard?
Am I asking so much?
Is this impossible for you, Love?

Sometimes I get irritated at stuff.

Today was a sort of busy day but sort of not at all.  I woke up at 10, which was AWESOME.  I can't even begin to describe how amazing it felt to sleep that late, and actually be asleep the whole time.  I normally sleep terribly, so to only wake up a couple times is really, really nice.  Much less to actually be able to stay asleep until 10.  So, I woke up, got all Iowa'd up, and then went to the Chicken Shed to hang out with Em.  We didn't really do anything.  I tinkered with my laptop, which has been outfitted with Ubuntu and all the necessary packages and programs to make it compatible with stuff.  It took me two days to find a music player that actually played music.  Is that too much to ask of a music player?  That it play music?  I don't think so, personally.  But you know, maybe I am setting my sights too high.  Anyway, after that I came home, made all these fun plans to go out with my friends, and then almost all of them bailed on me and we ended up doing nothing.  So, I grocery shopped all by myself.  I think I did pretty well, but we'll see if we run out of food by Wednesday or not.  Then I came home.  I am listening to Anchor&Braille, as you may have guessed by the title of this blog and the lyrics below it, and making my laptop awesomer, and IMing Benjamin, and a bit ago I was eating some cereal.  Cereal is so delicious.  I would die without it, I think.

Aaron Marsh + Steven Christian = Amazing.

I tweet a lot.  I hope that is not annoying.

On Friday I got my new glasses and contacts.  I have only worn my contacts once, for just a little while, but I have been wearing my new glasses since then.  They are cute, I think, but I am a little concerned about the perscription.  I still feel like I live inside a glass bubble, and it's been a whole day.  Is that normal, or should I have gotten used to the new perscription by now?  I am mostly just concerned that the eye doctor gave me lenses that are too strong.  Maybe I do just need to get used to it though.  Hmm.  I hope they didn't mess it up.

Now I am listening to Snowbirds And Townies by Futher Seems Forever.  Cheesiest, stupidest song ever.  But, I will admit, I love it.

I bought an eyeliner brush today for my new mineral makeup.  I am really excited to try it out.  I love my new foundation.  I need to order a regular sized thingy of it before the sample size that I have is all gone.  I have lots and lots of little eyeshadow samples that are a lot of fun, too.  I wore gold sparkly stuff on my eyes today to be festive for the Iowa/Iowa State game.  Which, by they way, ended wonderfully, with Iowa smashing ISU.

Tomorrow morning is church.  I need to pick something to wear.

My friend Sarah had her baby.  His name is William Marcus McDied.  I am excited for her and her husband.  They are both lovely people, and I am sure their son will be a lovely boy.

Out of my arms
And into the air
So far from your charms
That I cannot bear
Another year
In this long-forgotten beach town we once shared

I am a sleepy kid.  I think it is maybe time to watch some Superman and go to sleep.  Mmmmmm, tea.  That sounds nice, too.  Maybe I will make some.

The Butterfly Child


  1. Belle, eh? I like that name. It has history with me.

    Glad Iowa won. ISU is for pansies. Or something?

    Do you dual boot Ubuntu, or are you a straight Linux, I don't do Windows kind of girl?

    Stay golden.

  2. Yeah, I dual boot it. I have tried it a few times and it kept getting messed up, but this time it looks like it might pull through. I do Windows, mostly for iTunes and NetFlix, and because I am only a halfhearted computer nerd.

  3. Haha what is double booting (apart from Iowa's double blocked booting of UNIs field goal kicker)? And I like your new name. *grin*