After all this time I never thought we'd be here...

Today is Thursday. Not quite Friday yet. Tonight I have nothing to do. That needs to change.

Mom is on a plane to Houston RIGHT NOW. I miss her.

Lifelight was really fantastic. We all had tons of fun. Manic Drive's guitarist is AWESOME. He does this constant robot dance thing while he plays guitar. Listen to that band. Their new CD rocks, and my copy was the first one ever that the band autographed. That is pretty cool. Family Force 5 was really good, too. Fatty prayed at the end of the concert, which was way cool of him. I found the guitar pick that (I assume) Chap Stique threw at the crowd on the ground while we were cleaning up trash in front of the stage after everything ended. I was a happy kid because of that. I also bought an Esterlyn T-shirt that his fingerletters on it. It's cute. We sat in the hottub every night, which was SWEET. And other things were awesome, too, but that is going to take forever to talk about, so just know that the trip was awesome.

Saturday I am going to work the Chicken Shed. I am going to listen to the radio while I do it. But not just any radio station. I am going to listen to the Iowa/Iowa State game. The game where Iowa will win.

Me and Matt Rittman work together now. We even share an office now. A much nicer office than my old office. It has a coffeemaker in it now. And we want to get a minifridge and a microwave. I think we actually have an old microwave in the basement. I should bring that. Then we can make popcorn whenever we want and we don't have to use the wacky microwave in the records room.

Me and Matt are working on the new Info2Go website. It's going to rock.

I hate when I lack inspiration for designy things. Or just in general.

We are putting another desk in here for Steve. Hahaha. This room is going to be the party room.

I think I am going to get some of my awesome superhero signs to put up in this office. The walls are ugly and need to be decorated. I am also going to look for cool posters at Wal Mart today. Sometimes they have neat movie posters there.

That is all.


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