You have restored me...

This morning I am running the Chicken Shed, same as every Thursday morning.  When I'm done, we have to go to Ames to get Sophie's permit and (hopefully) my full license!  W00t!  No more 12:30 Driving Curfew!  That will be nice.  Not that I ever really drive past then, but it's nice to not have the pressure.  What if I'm spending the night at Harmsen's and I run out of Mountain Dew at three in the morning?  That's completely unacceptable.  This will solve many problems.
Tonight there are fireworks (!!!) and then after that I will go to Harmsen's and spend the night there.  Then, tomorrow morning we will leave for Okoboji at "around 8" which really means 9 or 9:30, unless we're really booking it.  So, we will drive down, and be there until Sunday.  I'm not sure when were getting back, but I think Elise is coming that day so we will definitely want to spend some time with her.  I am super excited.
I am selling lots of stuff today.
Today I get a shot. *dies*
Yesterday Mom and I did some pilates.  It was pretty sweet.  Now I want a yoga mat.  Maybe I will look for one while we are out today.
Well, I need to go be productive now.


  1. Anything that leads to horrible dilemmas involving Mountain Dew shortages is just awful, and should not be tolerated. I applaud your efforts to rectify the situation.

    Have a great time in Okoboji.

  2. Was there a spider in your room again? *poke* You do look very cute all curled up on the couch, though. Your shoulders are very tan, too.

    Your dad loved the pretzels. And he was amused that you were singing in Spanish while working in the kitchen. So yes. He was entertained last night.