We're all the sisters and the brothers until we find we don't believe the same...

Today I went to bible study, and then went to the pool, and then went to the last baseball game, and then came home.  It was nice.  I think I got a little bit burned.  Good stuff.

My 29 on my thumb keeps getting messed up.  Grrrrr.

Okoboji was fine.  I got some candy.  I wish I had gotten a t-shirt, and I wish I'd gotten Andrew that sucker with the nasty bug in it.

Baseball is over now.  That is a little bit sad.  Football is coming though!  Senior year is coming too.  Scary.

Well.  I am going to go sit in the hammock and work on stuff for Mexico.  Adios!



  1. Your Facebook status makes me smile.

    I still don't remember that girl from Cinderella, but it definitely feels like a lifetime ago. How old were you, anyway?

    Ben is married. Maaaay-reeeeeed. As in, he is someone's husband. Whoa.

    Your dad is going to be so excited for his pretzels and his cookies. *clap*

    It was fun to talk with you last night, Giggles. *poke* Excellent movie, too. I feel weird that I wanted to cheer when the president hit that lady on the head. She was a terrorist, though, so she had it coming.

  2. Boat = Good

    Ian: You're soft. I want to sleep on you.

    That ice cream was good, but very melty.

    I think it's adorable that Pepaw gave you $10.

    I wish I was sleeping.

    Sophie found your black t-shirt.

    I have this fear that the only Spanish I recall will be random phrases from songs. "El rio de Dios..."

    I really, really wish I was sleeping.

  3. I think any food that includes a nasty bug should be given the benefit of the doubt.

    Football. *joy*

  4. This resolution is so bad that I can't see pictures. I may have to just come to the studio with you today. Hrmph.

    Our computer is throwing some major tantrums. It's probably going to get sent to Chad, so we're going to be incommunicado for...awhile. Maybe people will visit us in person to make sure we're still alive. *sniffle*