Isn't it nice to know that the lining is silver...

This blog post will have pictures. Hooray! Here is a picture of Mia and I. She is two. She's very sweet, and a total attention hog, and hardly talks at all. All the girls loved her. Speaking of the girls, here we all are. From the left: Bekah, Makensie, Emily, Sophie, Kristin, Me, and Sierra. I don't know why Lenna isn't in the picture. Maybe she was taking it or something. Here we are singing, too. And here's me and Bekah with some of the little boys. Hooray! The end.

The current debate that is taking over my life: Zune or iPod? I am leaning towards an iPod, but what kind? Refurbished or new? Is 8 gigs enough or do I need to go for a Classic? Zunes are supposedly better quality. What size? What color? Do I get a fancy one with artwork on it or save the $30 and get a plain one? So many decisions. Any thoughts?



  1. My advice? Don't get a Zune. I've heard only bad things about them (especially their online store) since they came out.
    My 4gig iPod nano holds a little less than 1000 songs, which is slightly less than what I have in my iTunes library. I can still get all the music I really want on there, but I kind of wish I had an 8gig just so I wouldn't have to shuffle things on and off of it all the time.
    My two cents. :)

  2. OHMYWORD! ARE YOU SO EXCITED?!? IT'S LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE. I'm sad you were asleep when I got home. :(

    Soooooo yeah. Not gonna lie. I went nuts on Facebook today. So when your email says "Mara, you have been tagged in 18 photos on Facebook..." it's telling the truth. And I'm not even done yet. Here is what I have so far...heehee...


    FYI: You actually threw up for 4 1/2 hours.