Write down to remind yourself on how it can be...

Tonight I went to Harmsen's for a hawt partay.  We watched Stardust (not a fan) and did random things.  It was pretty good times.  I enjoyed myself.

Yesterday I got a rat.  His name is Maximilian.   He is amazing.

I don't know what to get Andrew for his birthday.

Tomorrow I have Senior pictures.  I'm pretty pumped about them.  I have some cool outfits picked out, too, so it should be amazing.  Haha.  I'm excited.

I'm out of things to talk about already.  I guess this is just short.

Mara Tenille


  1. You know, I read Stardust awhile ago, and it was okay, but in general I find that Neil Gaiman has awesome premises and a lot of imagination, and even decent prose, but his pacing still needs work.

    Comic book writers. *chuckle*

    No. Way. I. Am. Insanely. Jealous. Of. Maximilian.

    Yet another reason to find an excuse (or money, either way) to visit Iowa in as short a span of time as possible.

    Yeah. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but not necessarily the mind nimbler. *wink*

  2. OK, so yeah. Random ramblings...

    You need to get the camera ready. It will probably need a battery or at the very least a back-up battery.

    I can not believe how much that rat loves you. It's insane. *laugh*

    I can believe how much your little cousins love you. Watching the making of the whipped cream was adorable.

    Prelude this Sunday. Just a reminder. *grin*

    Chris's DJ name is DJ Real. Did you know that? *laugh*

    I miss my Tenth Avenue North CD. I want to buy it for all of my friends, but I don't have very many dollars.

    Bonfire tonight after Wipeout.

    Corndog Record on Thursday. *pumps fist*

    I wish I'd waited to order pics until AFTER these last ones were taken. Grrrr...

    Pretend this is written in tiny little baby text as if it's a whisper: Have you talked to your dad yet? *poke*

    I love that song I didn't get to sing last Sunday when I was so rudely made ill. The Song of Hope one. I heard it this morning while Soph was crosscountrying.

    You seriously need to pick a different person in answer to the Minneapolis question. *pokepokepoke*